The Shattered Door

The Shattered Door - Brandon Witt From Mark Skelton's review: [...] but i do wonder whether many people coming to this book without a faith and therefore perhaps without the mindset of Brooke would see no deeper than the idea that it was a book about prejudice and the intolerance of the Church and not see Brooke's quest as a genuine and reasonable one or indeed one worth wasting any time over.This is a genuine concern as, coming from a point of being increasingly disillusioned with organized religion, this was my reaction exactly. My first thought upon finishing the book was 'this embodies every single thing I despise about the Church' and it took considerable effort to finish it.However, having thought a little more about it, I can see how Brooklyn pulled much of his strength from his beliefs. This is not a nice, pretty read. It's painful and gutting and downright disturbing in places but it is worth every moment of discomfort.Edit: I've been thinking about this book all night. The more I think on it, the more impressed I am with Brooklyn's conclusions in regards to managing his sexuality and beliefs and his continued faith in God and his religion. And the way he manages his relationship with his mother after everything she's done... He's an impressive person.The secondary characters in this are also beautifully fleshed out - familiar without being caricatures, and the descriptions are fantastic.