Into the Light (Clear Water Creek Chronicles #1)

Into the Light - Scarlet Blackwell I'm always a bit wary of victims falling for their rapist/bully tropes so I went into this with a bit of an attitude, tbh. No one is more surprised than I that I did like it. It's not an 'enjoyable' story. It's painful with lots of very flawed, human emotions. It's left on a hopeful note, but there is no fairy tale ending (for which I am eternally grateful to the author). It's well written and the characters are all relatable. Paul was a little OTT for me, at first, but on reflection, his reaction is still one I can see happening given that he's protected Sean from the consequences of his actions for eighteen years.This isn't as gritty as it could be given the subject matter, but I don't want to be destroyed when I read fiction so that was a relief. It's still raw and painful and I'm planning on reading the sequels ASAP.