Coming Home

Coming Home - M J O'Shea So, a victim of bullying falling for their torturer is a theme I've always been fascinated with (even if I have to suspend disbelief because I can't imagine ever wanting to be intimate with ANY of the people who bullied me). I think the theme was done well here. There was a reasonably slow build up, with Lex wavering between his attraction to Tally and his memories of the bullying. I ended up genuinely liking the MCs together and they had amazing chemistry.The last quarter of the book seemed rushed. I did like the idea of Tally facing his co-conspirators and having to choose between their idolizing and Lex's love. It felt very 'full circle'. However, the book got a little more 'tell' than 'show' from then on, particularly around Brock's 'punishment' for bashing Lex and the resolution of the MCs relationship troubles.I did really enjoy this book, though.