Condor One

Condor One - John Simpson I loved the plot more than the romantic or erotic element in this story. I could have done without the sex entirely, actually, as it left me a bit cold. It was Ikea sex and there wasn't much erotic about it. I struggled through a lot of the dialogue between the MCs as well. I know that the President and his bodyguard would speak to each other quite formally when they aren't in bed, but the dialogue took on an odd tone as the book went on: formally structured but with phrases like "take my rod". I did adore the plot, though, and it was the reason I kept reading. It was suspenseful and dramatic and beautifully paced. The narrative was written well as was the dialogue between the other characters (it was just the dialogue between the MCs that I had trouble with). It had moments where I laughed out loud and others where I held my breath. Four stars for the plot alone!Edit: Yay! Sequels! Forget the fact I've just spent a fortune on books, I must have them!