Stripped Bare - Susan Mac Nicol A heaping pile of misogynistic crap. I made it to 34% before I couldn't stand it any more.1. Drugging your date, tying him up then jerking off over his unconscious body (and then his conscious and very clearly objecting one later) = sexual assault. Not even acknowledging that little fact ANYWHERE is insulting. 2. So much misogyny it even got my back up. It was blatant and revolting.3. Matthew is so incredibly unlikable. Within his first two meetings with Shane, he managed to insult and degrade him twice. 4. Matthew is the most inept lawyer and I don't ever want him to represent me. When an employer spews homophobic bile when telling you to fuck off, he's pretty much daring you to sue him. I'm pretty sure even Lionel Hutz could pick up that cue and run with it.There is not enough hell no in the world.