Doctor's Puppy Love - Shayla Mist I wonder if the younger MC in this story was a woman, would it would still be getting cooing reviews? Because we, as a society, do tend to frown upon older men in positions of power bullying women they work with and I can't help but think this would have a lot more 'this is nasty' reviews if it were m/f instead of m/m. Well, mine can be first. The older MC is a bully and so frigging unprofessional that I'm praying this wasn't based on any kind of real physician. He pushed Nico around for a couple of weeks then takes on some kind of mentor role which involves changing everything about Nico - hair, clothes because apparently he looks like a suicidal emo kid - and a constant refrain of condescending, minimizing nicknames. He kisses him then calls him 'spineless' and emasculates him in front of their colleagues by saying he prefers "his men a bit more daring and a little more... manly".It wasn't until the 90% mark that Colt showed a tiny glimmer of not being a complete and utter prick but it was too late for redemption.I really, really hate giving free books written as gifts for the m/m community bad reviews, but there were a lot of problems with this story.