Theft at the George Eastman House: A New York State Adventure (New York State Adventures)

Theft at George Eastman House - Sally Valentine I've come from writing in a fandom where time shifts and loops are the norm so I was looking forward to reading this! While I liked the concept, I think it was too big of an undertaking for such a short read. There was no explanation for the sudden freezing of time, no repercussions after time apparently continued to tick over even with everyone frozen for two weeks. (I kept wondering how they dealt with toileting issues and thinking that they must have stunk after two weeks with no shower.) The others were obviously aware on some level as they had all absorbed what Scott was saying and doing in some way so what are the consequences of them suddenly feeling this connection that wasn't there before. There were just too many unanswered questions for me.Should the author expand this, though, and make it a novella or novel, I'll be first in the line with my cash in hand. The characterisation of Scott was great, the writing was good and tight, and the plot was imaginative. Burn just didn't have the space to explore the concept as thoroughly as I would have liked.