Just a Casual Thing

Just a Casual Thing - Scarlet Blackwell So, basically, Nate's a violent asshole who assaulted both his lovers (we shall call them S and R) as well as the friend he fucked over to get into Lover S's revolving knickers, and the new lover of Lover R. BUT NO ONE PRESSES CHARGES! Jesus! He cheats on Lover S with Lover R - barebacking him without consent - then refuses to leave Lover R alone when he rightfully throws his ass out after Nate breaks up with him while his come is still running down R's leg. He later gets pissed after S dumps him and sexually assaults R, whom I've now lost all respect for because he takes the bastard back.They're all fucking each others boyfriends - with friends like these you don't need enemies - and fucking each other over. Seriously, there isn't one likable or sensible character in this book.