Signed and Sealed

Signed and Sealed - B.A. Stretke Will said it himself: "I feel like I'm in some sort of Harlequin novel". Only it's not the good, romantic way the character meant it. I really felt like this had been a m/f old-fashioned romance with a delicate, fainting heroine and hard-as-stone, manly man that she changes for the better at one point and that the names and pronouns had been swapped. Will was a wimp. Eli was a bully and an utter bastard, even when he was being 'softer' according to the supporting cast. I didn't like either of them or feel any connection between them. The secondary characters were one-dimensional, and the sister was the typical harpy found too often in m/m fiction. The characterisations of the MCs changed so quickly I couldn't keep track, the plot was quite ridiculous, and the dialogue very formal and stilted. If this was a historical m/f novel, I could almost buy all the manhandling and crying that went on, but as a contemporary m/m novel, this was a bit of a let down.