Code Blue (EMS Heat)

Code Blue  - Stephani Hecht The problems I have with all of this series so far is particularly evident in this book. I just don't care about the characters. Not because they're badly written, but because I don't have time to. So far, the pacing of all the books has been almost identical: the fucked up MCs meet, cue instant chemistry, they either fuck then fight or fight then fuck within 24 hours then there is a jump in time of a few weeks and we see the MCs living happily ever after together, all their major emotional trauma fixed by the magic cock. It's just all too fast to be believable.It's a shame because the author has the makings of great angsty romance novels in her blurbs but races through the meaty emotional stuff that makes a reader fall in love with a character. I've finished every single book so far with a feeling of regret that I couldn't have gotten to see more.