Not Like the Movies (Sexy College Studs)

Not Like the Movies - Brien Michaels Is there more? Did I get a dodgy copy? I'm assuming this is a series so I get leaving the mysterious caller plot thread hanging, but is that it for our MCs? Straight Chris just slides right into a gay relationship like it's nothing, despite the hints of angst we saw? This book just stopped - which is a particular pet peeve of mine! I like my loose ends tied into a pretty bow by the end of the story.Other than the abrupt ending, this was a decent read, but lacked emotional depth and connection. (Both between the MCs and between characters and reader.) All the components of a great story were there but the author seemed to misread the instructions when putting it together. None of that will stop me reading the next one as I really was intrigued by the creepy caller and I NEED CLOSURE!