The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door - Kate McMurray I liked the blurb, the writing was good, and the characters weren't cardboard cut outs despite the check list of m/m fiction cliches that I was able to tick off here. Jase, in particular, was a character who didn't suddenly accept his sexuality with open arms, he struggled with it, and I liked that until his loyalty to his ex and determination to stand by a promise he made to her turned him into a bit of an asshole. He blamed Lowell for all his problems, made excuses for himself and his ex-wife (it was okay for him to hurt Lowell and for his ex to behave the way she was because he was breaking his promise to her by not living in stasis), and worse, didn't even apologise for it or admit to himself he was in the wrong. He didn't really show much growth by the end of the book. Lowell was still a dirty little secret from everyone but those who already knew and, tbh, I didn't really believe that was ever going to change.And Lowell took him back after all the blame Jase hurled at him. I liked Lowell up until that moment. I came away from the book hating Jase and incredibly disappointed in Lowell.There was a lot of time spent on secondary characters and plotlines that went nowhere that could have been devoted to the MCs as;dr It was pretty good up until 3/4 of the way through then I wanted to punch holes in my wall.