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Testing an Anti-Spoiler Method To See If I Can Get It To Work...

You can't discuss books and NOT have spoilers. It's almost impossible. Booklikes is new enough not to have an automated way to hide specific text yet, but there are ways to code that in. This method makes your spoilered text invisible. So that you have to highlight the blank area to see the post.


Credit to Carly, who shared this bit of code in the thread Tips and Things About Booklikes (and helped me figure out where the heck that HTML option was on the toolbar):


< span style="color:transparent"> lots of spoilery stuff here that won't be visible until you highlight it < /span>


And the trick is to remove those spaces added after the <.


Here's another key thing in getting this to work. To add the code you have to go into your review and choose the HTML option. It's on the toolbar above the space you type your reviews/posts. HTML is on the far right of the toolbar, in blue text.


So first scope out the area of your review you want hidden. Copy the span code above, then click that html option on the toolbar. Add your code in the window that will pop up. (Depending on how new you are to messing with code this may take some getting used to. Remember you can always hit the cancel button.)



So here, I'll give it a try - EXAMPLE:


One of the primary plot points any reviewer knows to avoid in a review is any discussion about (spoiler:)a major character dying. Seriously, you never should give that part away.


So if I've managed that correctly all the reader has to do is to highlight the area after the word (spoiler) and there you have it, your hidden spoiler.


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Who I am—and why Goodreads has pissed all over it

As long as South Africa enforced Apartheid, I refused to buy produce marked Made in S.A.


When France started bombing the Mururoa atolls with nuclear bombs in 1994, I stopped buying French wine, cars, and clothes.


I buy shade grown, Fair Trade coffee.


My detergents are certified.


The fruit and vegetables I buy mostly come from local producers who use ecological standards for growing them.


The little meat I buy comes from certified farmers who let their animals have lives before becoming my food.


I stopped shopping in a beautiful place when I heard the owner saying hateful, hateful things about gay people.


I turned down an extremely well-paid translation job because the client was Exxon.


I bring my hard-earned cash to those I believe are trying their best to do the right thing.


It is all I can do to try to make the world a better place, small things, but they matter to me.


This list could go on and on, but I think you’ve gotten the idea by now.


But. But. But.


Goodreads, you pissed on all my good actions.


Goodreads, you pissed on my taking a stand, making informed decisions as to where my money should go.


Suddenly, in this one field of my life, I am not allowed to have a conscience, or put my money where my mouth is.


No, Goodreads, you want me to ignore any fuquery an author may commit on his or her “free” time, because you say it has no bearing on the product, which is his or her book. Even if the author is a raving gay-bashing lunatic. 


Well, excuse me Goodreads. You have just not understood one single, fucking thing about me.


Not one. 

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How to Create a Page Linked in Your Sidebar - For Your Profile or Whatever

So you may have noticed that over in my sidebar to the left (on my blogpage here) you can see a link called BatProfile:



I'm using it as a profile page (I've copied the text from my Goodreads profile) but you can use this for anything you wish -  essays, articles, lists, etc.


How do you to create a similar page? (There's probably info about this in Booklikes somewhere too - I'll link it here after I have a chance to look for it.)


Look in your Settings, then click the Pages tab:



And then hit the green Add Page button. (You'll notice that you can see the page I've already created - and that's where I can open that page to edit it.)


When you've clicked to start a new page you'll then see this:



Only of course you won't see all the text that I've entered in. I've left it there since it helps explain the naming part.


The Page Title box is for the name that you want to appear in your sidebar. The Page Address is what to name your page for the url - so don't use any spaces or punctuation there, and I'd make it a simple but unique word. For instance mine is booklikesprofile so I'll know if I ever have to tweak the html code that that's my name for my Booklikes Profile page. (I could have just named it profile, but I wanted something more unique to look for.)


 And now I'll wander off to see if Booklikes has already explained this more clearly...


Hmmm. So far all I can find is the Booklikes FAQ. Oh but I did find out that if you reblog this post and I pop in later and edit anything? This blog format is just like tumblr - you'll get the early version I posted, but nothing that I add later/edit. Just FYI, so that before you hit post be sure to do all your editing. Because this will be true not only of this page but for any reviews, writing, etc. that you reshare/reblog here.

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Add Books Manually & Add Missing Book Covers

New BooksTwo "Add" functions are available on BookLikes from today:  add books manually and add book covers.


From now on it doesn’t matter if you want to shelve unpublished books or self-published or from a local bookstore, now you can put on your Shelf all books ever existed. It’s called manual book adding. We have it online!


If you don’t find a desirable book in a search box you can easily ‘create’ a book from the scratch.



Click on “Add new book” after no results were found and fill up the necessary information of Book Title, Book Author, Book Cover, Book Description and ISBN. Click “Add Book” and add it to you bookshelf or create a post.



Second “add” function is about missing book covers. If some books on your Shelf lack covers, you can add them manually too. Click on a green book (no cover) and ‘Add cover' underneath it. Then choose image from your computer and voila. The book looks perfect with cover of your choice!



So what book will you add first?

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The Dead Will Rise First - Logan Kain Paced nicely with a really interesting premise. Some ridiculous bits (the baby) and some that were really horrifying (how the Neighbours acted once freed from the constraints of conscience and morals and how much we as humans rely on our ethics and social rules to govern our behaviour). Religion is such a contentious issue and I was really intrigued by that particular theme in the book. Not your typical zombie story. Not a romance and there is no HEA.
In Plain Sight - Josh Lanyon Loved it! Now I want more Nash and Glen.
High Concept - Whitley Gray So just about everything I've read from Loose Id of late has been... not good. I admit that I opened this book expecting it to be yet another addition to my DNF shelf. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was caught up in the story from almost the first page. Good romance with flawed but still likable characters, a mystery that remained interesting and intriguing right up until the end, and secondary characters that weren't just cardboard cut outs.Would read again. :)
In Another Life - E.E. Montgomery 2.5 stars.
This Is Love - Remmy Duchene, Allison Cassatta Chock full of cliches and unlikable characters. :(
Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan Beautifully written but the narrative style is just not for me.
Capital Loss - Taylor V. Donovan Ugh! OMG, these two are possibly the most aggravating MCs I've even read about. COMMUNICATION!! It's really not that fucking hard!
Capital Loss - Taylor V. Donovan Ugh! OMG, these two are possibly the most aggravating MCs I've even read about. COMMUNICATION!! It's really not that fucking hard!
When Love Takes Over - Jacob Z. Flores I didn't really love either character, tbh. Neither clicked with me although they did have nice sexual chemistry together. I wasn't fond of any of the secondary characters either. They all felt very self-centered and stereotypical.It was well written, though. And nicely paced for the most part. I think there is another coming out in this series. I might give it a go, depending on what and who is involved.
The Last Rebellion - Lisa Henry I am not a fan of torture porn. I don't read it often and it has to be bloody amazingly written to keep me reading.This was amazingly written. I couldn't put it down. It does focus on the psychological breakdown of the main character with torture porn as a side so that helped, but the intensity of what was happening to Rho just kept me glued to the Kindle.
The Alpha's Only - Amber Kell The weakest of the series. This could have been a fantastic series but rushed plot as well as insufficient characterisation and relationship development means it is mediocre at best. Disappointing.