Dead Shot

Dead Shot - J.L. Merrow Merrow's stories are always nicely written and this was a surprisingly complete story considering it is very short. I liked Edward and Kevin was endearingly irritating (as only little boys can be) and I was even liking Peter before he dropped the 'I'm actually a complete arsehole' bomb. I'm not sure what purpose was served by having Peter have an affair with his sister's husband behind her back other than to make me dislike him rather intensely or simply for drama's sake. It didn't have any kind of impact on the story so the drama angle was negligible, although it did make me want Peter to DIAF.Infidelity isn't always a story killer for me but this scenario... killed it dead. Take it out and it's a nice story, though, so I'm choosing to push aside this large squick and base my rating on the other parts of the story.