The Desert Smells Like Rain: A Naturalist in Papago Indian Country

The Desert Smells Like Rain: A Naturalist in Papago Indian Country - Gary Paul Nabhan I really liked the beginning of this story: one boy in love with his apparently straight friend and aching with not being able to be with him. (A trope I really enjoy!) But when Zachary didn't stay by his side at a school party, Vincent sulked and walked home, rejecting the concerned phone call that came within minutes of him leaving. Zachary turned up on Vincent's doorstep after several unanswered texts, only to have the door slammed in his face. I'm still with it up until this point. The MCs are teenagers so some OTT dramatics are to be expected. But when Vincent went on to completely ignore his friend for the next week with no explanation at all to the poor guy who'd done nothing wrong, only speaking to him again because Zachary forced the issue. It was a dick move, tbh, and made Vincent seem immature and petulant. I kind of wanted to smack him.Zachary wasn't featured enough for me to form much of an opinion of him as a character, but he seemed like a normal, fairly oblivious kid. Unfortunately, this only made Vincent's behaviour seem even more childish.Until now, I've been really spoiled with free reads that have been edited beautifully. This one had some problems: a few poorly structured sentences, punctuation issues, and some sentences that made no sense at all. (I suspect the spell check gremlins had a little fun changing appropriate words into something entirely random.) I wish this had been longer. With more room to develop the characters, I think this could have been a great read.