The Flower Master

The Flower Master - Sujata Massey Pretty good read. Some of the word choices were off-putting and read a bit more like a sleazy Playboy fantasy than fiction ('meat', 'schlong', etc), and some of the characters were a little stereotypical, but there was nice chemistry between the MCs, the secondary characters were entertaining, and every plot thread was resolved in some way before the end (even if that resolution involved no resolution).What really kept this from being a 5 star read were the frequent comments about James towards the end. I get that men are going to look at other attractive men, but James is 15 when the remarks start about how attractive he is, how even his uncle has perved at his arse, how he was beating off listening to the MCs have loud sex. It felt really gross and sleazy and made the MCs look a little like the predatory gay men the homophobic element of the story believed they were. If I hadn't already devoted my entire day to getting that far into the story, it would have been a DNF based just on this.But putting that one sour note aside, I did enjoy this read.