Little Brat Lost

Little Brat Lost - Stephani Hecht Not sure why I keep buying this author's books when I'm never really satisfied with them. This one reached a new level of WTF, though.Hecht's books are always too short to be satisfying but this one dealt with such serious, devastating issues and needed more time and a much more compassionate and caring hand. Victim-blaming was rife through the story. Trent's characterisation was conflicting and confusing (and at points, really gross) and we didn't really get to know Jimmy at all - except near the end when he becomes the Bella Swan of m/m fiction (until the magic healing cock fixes what ails him). The 'romance' between them was built on dependence and desperation and gratitude rather than an actual connection and emotion and the skeeviness of it made me want to shower rather than coo, tbh. AND we don't actually see Trent keeping his promise to help out Adam who is presumably suffering the consequences of Jimmy's disappearance.This was a new low for this author. I think it'll be my last purchase of their work.