Four And Twenty Blackbirds

Four and Twenty Blackbirds  - Mercedes Lackey It was written well, but written from the POV of someone who has no clue about mental illness. Chris never bothered to do his own research about what his partner was going through, he didn't make any effort to become informed when it appeared that Aaron was not going to be forthcoming. Instead, he did something that is ridiculously dangerous and cut Aaron off abruptly, dumping his medication in the toilet and declaring that his loving support would get Aaron through. People are still very uninformed about mental illness but seriously? He could have spent five minutes on Google (instead making it all about him) and found out how horribly misguided this attitude is.Good fiction gets a reaction and this did get a strong reaction from me. I identified very strongly with Aaron and felt an incredible amount of anger and frustration with Chris' ignorance.2.5 stars because I can't say I liked it but it did evoke emotion. It was nicely written and I think someone who doesn't identify as strongly with the MC would enjoy this.