Chasing the Mailman (Stone Trail Series)

Chasing the Mailman - Amber Redd I'm a little hot and cold about this one. Some things annoyed me, some things interested me. It caught my interest enough that I'm not going to erase the second book off my Kindle without giving it a try (I already own it), but I wouldn't go out and buy the second one based on this first story. Confused? Me too.I didn't like the relationship and forced-feeling sexual tension between the MCs, the bad guy was easily identified around the 20/30% mark and his motivation was obvious, and I hated the sex at the end.But: I liked the friendship between the MCs, between Usher and Hanna (although she was a little 'damsel in distress' at times), and I liked the pacing of the plot and the writing - for the plotty, non-relationship part of the story - was good.