Trust - Shawn Lane I liked this for the most part. I loved the premise, I liked Justin, mostly liked Brad, and I like a simple mystery that I don't have to think too hard about. But there were two real sticking points for me that I just couldn't get past to give this the four or five stars I would have otherwise.(Note: I went into this story knowing there was cheating. It's not the infidelity I take issue with, it's the way the aftermath was dealt with.)*begin rant*1. No explanation for the cheating. Brad says it was just the once, it just happened, but why? Why did it happen? And why the hell should Justin believe him when he said and meant 'that wasn't what you think you saw' when he's pulling his uncomplaining dick out of someone's mouth. He says he wasn't trying to sabotage their relationship but I'm not sure what other motivation he could have had that made sense. He'd had a beer but unless he's the world's worst one-shot Sally, that's not a reason. It frustrated me that he never offered Justin any closure if the form of an explanation, even if it was just "I was horny and couldn't wait till I got to the car park".2. Pointing the finger of blame at Justin. Brad talked some pretty good talk about how it was all his fault but there was an undercurrent of 'but Justin should have forgiven him' all the way through the story. His pain was referred to as "Foolish pride" and "Old hurts." No. Betrayal fucking hurts. It doesn't matter if it was yesterday or 13 years ago. In a relationship where monogamy has been agreed upon, the betraying party does not get the high moral ground just because he chooses to be celibate for the next 13 years in penance. That was his decision, his self-imposed consequence, just as it was his decision to let another guy suck his cock. Justin never demanded the penance, never told Brad he'd take him back if he showed enough remorse. Justin made his decision clear from the moment he saw Brad shoving his dick into someone else's mouth. He does not get blamed for Brad's shitty choices.*end rant*Apart from that, the story was well written and mostly well paced, although it did feel a bit rushed in a couple of places: the reuniting of the MCs and the resolution of the stalker subplot.It wasn't a bad read overall. I finished it in an hour or so and, if the cheating thing hadn't bashed my buttons, I would have rated it higher.