Fettered - Lyn Gala I want to give Miss Dolphinia five stars just for being her! Brilliantly written!Look, I'm not a big BDSM fan. I'm able to tolerate it if it comes along in a book I'm enjoying but I generally won't seek it out in any form. I bought this book because the cover is HOT, the blurb is interesting, and I am trying to open my mind to other genres. In fact, I took this book off my to read list after reading a review and some discussion with the author about how the BDSM scenes in this book were not not in any way mild. But the sub mindset intrigues me so I tentatively opened the book on my Kindle.And I never wanted to put it down.I love plot and great characterisations and this book delivers both with gorgeous prose and perfect timing. Dylan is beautifully written and this book delves into the mindset of a submissive respectfully and honestly - no cheesy cliches here.Each member of the secondary 'cast' were so well written and were all an integral part of the building of the story. The sex scenes - while certainly full on - weren't just about getting off. They took the reader right inside Dylan's head and were both tender and hot in some cases. The last scene at the club was the only scene that wasn't absolutely necessary to show Dylan's growth as a person, as a sub, and as part of a couple. (It was also the one I thought was the most hard core.)