Final Admission

Final Admission - Sue  Brown I love Sue Brown's work - she's a auto-buy author for me - but I had some issues with this book. 1. Victim blaming - there was so much "why are you letting him do this to you?" in this book and I got more and more aggravated with every uttering. James answered the question over and over yet Ethan continued to lay blame on him. 2. The feelings didn't feel consistent. The MCs ran very hot and cold with each other and, while it was understandable in the first 3/4 of the story, it left me wondering if the MCs were actually in love by the end.3. The book seemed to lose its way after James' final beating and then it kept going long after it came to what felt like a natural end.As usual, SB's writing is wonderful and her secondary characters were nicely written, but the MCs didn't do much for me and their chemistry seemed to flicker out just as it should have been heating up.